How To Use Voting Machines

1. Press the button to the right of the candidate of your choice; a green “X” will appear next to your selection.

a. If you wish to cast a write-in vote, go to the PERSONAL CHOICE column and press the button across from the office you wish to write-in. A blinking green X will appear. Using the keyboard below, enter the name of the person of your choice, one letter at a time. To make a correction, use the arrow pointing to the left. The name you enter will appear in the display to the left of the keyboard. After you have completed your selection, press the ENTER key on the keyboard. Your choice is recorded and removed from the display. Do not press the Cast Vote Button until all other choices are complete.

WARNING: An improperly cast vote will not be counted.

2. To change any selection, press the button again. The green “X” will disappear and you may make a new selection.

3. To vote on a PUBLIC QUESTION, press the button to the right of the word “YES” or “NO”; a green “X” will appear next to your selection.

4. After ALL selections have been made, press the RED CAST VOTE BUTTON located in the lower right hand corner. This electronically records all of your votes.

5. Part the curtains and exit the voting booth.