Daniel’s Law Portal Launch By NJ Department of Community Affairs

2022 Press Release- Daniel’s Law Portal

Hudson County, NJ- On July 12, 2022, the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs (DCA) and Office of Information Privacy (OIP) launched the Daniel’s Law website, www.DanielsLaw.nj.gov, as required due to the passage of its namesake law. “The public officials designated by this law as Covered Persons, or those whom they authorize to act for them, may begin to apply to have specific personal information redacted from certain public-facing websites and postings that are controlled by some State, County, and Municipal agencies.”

The following Covered Persons are included under the Daniel’s Law:

-former, active, and retired judicial officers, prosecutors, and members of the law enforcement

-a federal District Court or U.S. Marshals Service designee.

“Authorized persons may include any person who is a Covered Person, but also one who has been legally designated to act on behalf of a Covered Person to request redactions of their personal information from the sources noted.”


To view the statute in its entirety please visit: https://pub.njleg.gov/bills/2020/PL21/371_.PDF


Covered and Authorized Persons may create an account by registering on the MyNewJersey website at https://my.state.nj.us/signup/Signup, as suggested by the DCA and OIP,  so requests may be submitted if desired.


For more information, please email 01p@dca.nj.gov