Hudson County Clerk Wins Gill C. Job Award


October 4, 2016

Hudson County Clerk Wins Gill C. Job Award for Outstanding Service among New Jersey Constitutional Officers

JERSEY CITY — The Hudson County Clerk’s Office is proud to announce that on September 28th, Hudson County Clerk, Barbara A. Netchert was honored as the 2016 Gill C. Job Award recipient for outstanding service to the Constitutional Officers Association of New Jersey (COANJ).

COANJ is an organization comprised of New Jersey Clerks, Registers, Sheriffs and Surrogates who collaborate to improve the services rendered to their respective constituencies.

Clerk Netchert was also sworn in to her third term as Clerks & Registers Section Chief for the Constitutional Officers Association during the Annual Conference in Atlantic City.

As section chief, she holds regular meetings with fellow Clerks and Registers of the COANJ organization, along with expert speakers, legislators and service providers to discuss issues, concerns, changes in legislation, and ways improve the services provided by Clerks and Registers across the state.

Clerk Netchert has been a dedicated member of COANJ since her term began in 2007.

Congratulations to our Hudson County Clerk on being recognized for her hard work as a member of the COANJ organization and for her continued years of dedicated public service.